Franchising Blue Bali Resorts

Situated in a garden, an urban environment in the centre of a city. After experiencing the "feeling of Bali" you may want to explore the possibility of franchising in your own country. Franchises are currently available for Australia, USA and Japan. Whether its a Hip Bali Chill-Out bar, a restaurant serving Balinese cuisine, a European-style cafe serving natural organic snacks and juices, a shop selling lifestyle products, natural organic produce, merchandised clothing and furniture, a kindergarten, a school or even a medical clinic, the effect and ambience are key to creating a happy healing environment. Because city dwellers and office workers are are generally stressed-out for all the wrong reasons, they are most in need of relaxation of the mind and body. 15 minutes in a Blue Bali Garden immersed in nature and the culture of Bali is guaranteed to produce remarkable results.
Creating ambience is what a Blue Bali Resorts is all about! Call +65 6733 0185 or e-Mail for more information.

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