The Bali Story

The term Bali-phile means a person who is fond of or greatly admires Bali and its romance and culture. Comprised of Bali-themed courtyard gardens, traditional Javanese Joglos, Lesehans, daybeds and relaxing art deco furniture, a place to chill-out and relax. Carefully crafted seating areas amoungst tropical plants designed to encourage people to relax and de-stress.

Our Mission - Provide a dining and entertaining experience that allows people to commune with nature, and be happy.

Corporate Values - A fundamental respect for nature, the environment and saving or recycling precious materials. Our credo challenges us to unite our guests with nature and the culture of Bali to create an environment of happiness.

Our Culture - That every Baliphile respects nature and is driven by a passion for creating an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Our Vision - To create urban oases of relaxation around the globe where our guests can commune with nature, enjoy creative Asian food and drinks and experience the service culture of Bali.

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