What is a Blue Bali Garden?

The creation of Bali inspired microcosms in nature, for restaurants, bars, cafés, clinics, schools, clubs, offices and homes featuring sustainable indoor eco-systems of plants and edible gardens.


It is a Balinese garden that invites guests to relax and commune with nature, Balinese Joglo s', Lesehans are just a few of the comforts that provide a romantic atmosphere, a feeling of privacy and exclusivity. The plants create natural screens, the water a background of calmness. So nature sets the stage for people of all walks of life to harness their creativity, sharing ideas and experiences, a meeting of minds, inspiring youth and entrepreneurs, true living and learning to relax and using our God-given senses to appreciate each day and every moment to the maximum! The secret of Blue Bali is nature in the midst of an urban business environment.

Blue Bali on Cluny is now permanently closed.

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